• September 24, 2022

Biotech Startup String Bio PRO-DG Passed BioMar Approval

Biotech Startup String Bio PRO-DG Passed BioMar Approval

Media Press Today: String Bio’s vision is to build a world where cleaner and better ways of living are enabled by biotechnology. With a motley crew of innovators, thinkers and implementers, the company has developed a powerful technology platform and a robust product portfolio in sustainable manufacturing.

The biotech company focuses on sustainable raw materials manufacturing for Animal Nutrition, Agriculture, Human Nutrition and Personal Care sectors. Recently, String Bio announced that its animal nutrition product – PRO-DG- has successfully passed quality testing and validation in Salmon feed by BioMar, a global leader in sustainable aquaculture feeds.

PRO-DG offers optimum nutritional factors besides traceability as an alternative protein ingredient. It significantly optimizes land use and water use to provide sustainability to the feed value chain. BioMar’s key performance and physiological parameters for trials have been validated using PRO-DG as a feed ingredient in Salmon diets.

With the global population expected to reach over 10 billion by 2050 and the rising demand for fish as an optimal source of protein, the market may face a “protein problem.” Aquaculture production is projected to increase from 26 million tonnes in 2018 to 109 million tonnes in 2030, according to the publication The State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture 2020.

Therefore, sustainable and traceable fish feeds are required to supply the rising demand for fish while preserving marine ecosystems and ocean resources. The development and widespread adoption of alternative protein components, such as PRO-DG, in aquaculture feed, can be crucial to bolstering global food security and reducing strain on wild fish stocks and the marine ecology.

CEO & Co-founder of String Bio, Dr. Ezhil Subbian, stated that String has been verifying the application of PRO-DG across diverse species, regions, and farm management approaches. The completion of validation studies by BioMar, a market leader in the aqua nutrition industry, is a significant achievement. She looks forward to working with them, BioMar, to promote the commercialization of innovative aquaculture ingredients.

BioMar gave special attention to analyzing this new unicellular protein, on which they have been collaborating with Biotech startup String Bio for some time, to biologically evaluate the product, determine its nutritional value, and aid in the commercialization of this intriguing new raw material.

Founded by Ezhil Subbian and Vinod Kumar in 2012, the Bengaluru-based startup String Bio claims to be the only one in Asia that has enabled a methane-based value chain through biological processes. In July 2022, the Bengaluru-based biotech startup String Bio raised $20 million in a Series B round from investors, including Ankur Capital, Dare Ventures, Redstart, Zenfold Ventures, and Woodside Energy.

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