• September 24, 2022

A Twitter Trend “my pronouns are not…” in the Offing

my pronouns are not

In a funny turn of events, a small group of hyperactive Twitter users has started tweeting, “my pronouns are not…” Is this a new trend yet? Well, not yet, but as it attracts more participation, we see chances of this becoming a trend soon.

Earlier today, on August 8, 2022, influencer Ashish Jain (@In_Sane_Saint) tweeted, “I am a marwari, and my pronoun is not kanjoos,” which rolled some good humor for his followers. For the uninformed, the Marwaris are one of the Indian Hindu communities known for their trading skills. It is considered an inside joke for friends to tease their Marwari friends as Kanjoos or misers for being too disciplined about their spending habits.

Following Mr. Jain’s tweet, on August 8, 2022, Linda Ashok (@IamLindaAshok) gave it a cultural spin and tweeted, “I am a Bengali and my pronouns are not fish and rosogolla,” which received a good number of responses from her followers from different communities. The Bengalis are one of the Indian Hindu communities from West Bengal known for fish and rosogolla (a popular Bengali sweet) for the uninformed. All around India, Bengalis are often teased within their circles as fish and rosogolla eaters, which Ms. Ashok takes a dig at on a humorous note.


Some more humorous additions garnered by Ms. Ashok’s tweet include a tweet by Shreyas Koushik (@CoachShreyas. He says, “I’m a Kannadiga, and my pronouns are not idli and dosa.” The Kannadigas are another Hindu community from Southern India known for their love for “Idli and dosa.” You can check the recipe on YouTube here.

As a Sindhi Hindu, Vrushali Panjwani (@vrusha_lee10) Quote Tweeted Ms. Ashok’s tweet and said, “I am a Sindhi and my pronouns are not papad, dal pakwan and dukaan,” wherein papad is a crisp thin bread and dal pakwaan is the accompaniment to go with papad for Sindhi breakfast!

Some more interesting tweets continue to follow from influencers, including Divya Gandotra (divya_gandotra), Crish Bhatia (@CBRW08) and others!

Earlier this year in July, US Vice President Kamala Harris, in a meeting, introduced herself, “I am Kamala Harris, my pronouns are she and her, and I am a woman sitting at the table wearing a blue suit.” While her description was meant for delegates with visual disabilities, social media turned that intention into memes making fun of her. 

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