TikTok’s Barbie Foot Challenge Is Riskier Than You Think – Health Digest

Mattel’s famous doll Barbie is loved for many reasons, its perfectly arched feet being one. But that doesn’t mean that we can comfortably or safely do what Barbie can and was designed to do — walk on high-arched feet. Director Gerwig may have wanted to avoid CGI and use Robbie’s “beautiful dancer feet” instead. But even Robbie, a former ballet dancer, confessed to needing eight takes and a bar to hold on to when she performed the now-viral scene, used on preview clips before the movie was released (via Fandango). 

Board-certified foot and ankle surgeon with Dallas Direct Podiatry, Dr. Nam Tran (via Bustle) emphasizes that a Barbie doll’s feet aren’t realistic. You only have to take a look at the different kinds of feet you see around you to know that. Even if someone were to have naturally arched feet, standing on your tip toes and walking around all day long can cause problems. These include big toe pain and plantar fasciitis, according to the surgeon. 

Schoenhaus added another concern with the challenge. There’s no support for the feet — unlike when you’re holding that high-arched posture while wearing heels. “Considering we aren’t trained ballerinas en pointe, let’s keep the fad to movie stars who have props and multiple takes to make it look perfect,” shared the podiatrist. Heels, too, are riskier than you think. In fact, they may be doing real damage to your legs, back, and feet.