Where Is Smart Plate From Shark Tank Season 7 Today? – Health Digest

No Sharks offered a deal for SmartPlate, but Ortiz created an Indiegogo campaign for the product to help with its development and launch. It raised more than $158,000. The product didn’t have the three cameras originally pitched on Shark Tank; instead, it relied on the camera on your smartphone to recognize the different foods on the plate. The pitch for the campaign says the AI instantly detects more than 1,000 foods through the app. The app is also linked to 625 national restaurant chain menus and more than 10,000 meals.¬†Motivational speaker and consultant Tony Robbins also partnered with SmartPlate, praising its “accuracy and extensive database” (via PR News Wire).

Fitly began shipping SmartPlate to users in the United States in late 2021, but it was only compatible with the iPhone. Ortiz had posted updates saying the Android version would be available by 2021, but as of this writing, it still isn’t. International backers on the Indiegogo campaign posted their frustrations about investing in the company and not receiving their product years later.¬†