Why You May Be Having A Hard Time Purchasing Disinfecting Wipes – Health Digest

Amid supply shortages, The Clorox Company announced on September 5 that they were focusing their processing and shipping efforts towards retail locations in order to best serve customers, as well as meet retailer needs for seasonal promotions.

The Clorox Company formally filed a report with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission on September 18. That same day, they publicly stated that the cyberattack had been contained and that they planned to reinstate automated order processing on September 25. The company also emphasized that production had recommenced at most of their manufacturing facilities. Even with such progress being made, however, representatives noted that it’s unclear as to when the company will be back in action at full operating capacity. Therefore, continued availability issues may be experienced for the time being. The Clorox Company has thanked consumers for their ongoing patience and will continue to keep the public in the loop regarding any new developments.